3 Simple Ways to Learn How to Get Lean and Ripped Rock Hard Abs

What’s the single most important thing  to learn how to get lean and ripped rock hard abs?

Just imagine how disappointed you’d be if you busted ass all week in the gym day after day and never see your abs poke through.

In order to shred your midsection you need a squeaky clean diet.

Sugar and simple carbohydrates are now an evil spawned by the devil sent directly to earth to stop your attempts to get lean.

Avoid them at all costs!

Now imagine you had three simple and effective dietary strategies to explode fat loss and boost energy.Ripped Rock Hard Abs

Here they are:

  1. Take two safe and natural supplements. The first one is COQ10, it helps with heart health and is naturally produced in the body. It also triples your energy levels which helps you through low carb days. The second is Omega 3 Fatty Acids, it’s fish oil and it provides the healthy fats you’ll need to keep the body functioning properly and burning fat.
  2. Alternate carbohydrate intake. Eat complex carbohydrates every fourth day. Eat a source at every meal up till supper, just on those days. This will stop your body from feasting on muscle when you skip carbs for a few days. Here’s a list of  the complex ones.
  3. End the long cardiovascular exercises which span 30 minutes or greater. Hit the treadmill 20 minutes a day, three days a week. Stick to muscle building, you know…build muscle and burn fat. Pump up your muscles, you’ll look better and triple the fat loss.

These tips are monkey simple to follow. So I don’t want to hear any complaints, get off your butt and get yourself into the gym.

Imagine your lean body and your abs rippling with each move.

Can you picture it!

Then get moving, the gym’s just down the road.

And here’s a bonus for you…you just discovered how to get lean and ripped rock hard abs.

One reason you’ll never attain those delicious eye popping abs the opposite sex craves is your lack of focus.

If you don’t physicaly write this down as a goal, you’ll never lean out your body.

So…pull out a pen and write it down.

Don’t delay and don’t put it off, write down your weight loss goals right now!

Best of luck…

-Tom Johnson

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